Own a piece of history with the NFT commemorating Bitcoin’s ascension as legal tender in El Salvador!

On June 8th, 2021, at the initiative of president Nayib Bukele, Bitcoin achieved the status of legal tender in the country.

To commemorate this pivotal moment in monetary history, Bangladeshi artist Tanvir Hassan Raju creates this unique and one-of-a-kind NFT applauding the heroes of Bitcoin, who have worked tirelessly to get Bitcoin where it is today.

The piece is titled “The Corn of Salvation”, a reference to Bitcoin’s online nickname, “Bitcorn”.

Like El Salvador, Bangladesh is a developing nation that earns a sizeable chunk of it’s foreign currency through immigrants.

Most of these immigrants work blue collar jobs and are unbanked.

Thus, they often have to resort to risky and expensive means of transferring money back home to their dependents and loved ones.

Raju celebrates Bitcoin’s ascension through this beautiful piece of art, and at the same time hopes that Bangladesh will also embrace Bitcoin and ease the plight of its migrant workers.

This NFT is now for sale at Opensea.io.

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