Giant Leaf Insect

The insect you see in this photo, is called Pulchriphyllium giganteum. More commonly known as the “Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect”.

They are found most abundantly in the West Malaysian tropics and survive on oak and bramble tree leaves.

Looking like a leaf is their defense mechanism, a camouflage against natural predators.

This insect did not evolve to look like a leaf by pure chance. As a student of probability, one must conclude that there is an invisible guiding hand behind every incident, every occurrence that takes place in the universe. No matter how minute.

Everything happens for a reason.

For the first time since 2017, I find myself unemployed in a strange new land.

I went for a long walk in the park to figure out why I have been placed in this situation.

I believe this is an acid test conducted by the invisible guiding hand, to check if I am made of the “right stuff”.

I must rise to the occasion because my mom did not raise a quitter.

And my response to universe can be summed up in two words:

“Challenge accepted.”

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